Due to having extreme geographical variation, the country has different weather conditions within a short distance. The best time for trekking in Nepal is Spring (February–May), and Summer (September–November). These months are typically the best weather for trekking, with clear skies, and stunning views. In the summer months, there are treks such as Mustang that remain protected from monsoon season and are excellent options. BMS Adventures is proud to offer options for visitors year-round.

Here is a detailed description of Nepal’s weather:

Autumn (Sep/Oct/Nov)

This time is considered the best time to visit Nepal. Mild weather is met with breathtaking views of mountains. Autumn is the perfect time especially for trekking where you can expect ideal temperatures, best for all altitudes. The weather is typically clear providing stunning views to the surrounding mountains and are perfect for being outdoors. We have several options available to suit any needs. Nepal’s main, important, and colorful festivals like Dashain and Tihar take place in this time period.

Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb)

Chilly nights with best views of snow clad mountains. To experience snowfall in mountains this would be the good time to make a trip. It is an ideal time to trek at lower elevations due to snowfall, but higher elevation treks are also available. If you are willing to make trek at this time, you are kindly requested to bring enough warm clothes to keep yourself warm and cozy. Upon request, we can provide recommendations for appropriate gear during this season. This time period is considered low season and you will be able to secure excellent prices for treks. Ask us about our tour packages ideal for the season.

Spring (Mar/Apr/May)

This is also one of the best times for trekking in the high mountains. This is the time when everything comes to life! Flowers are blooming and wildlife more abundant, and life is finding its way out of the winter weather. You can expect ideal temperatures, neither too cold nor hot. There will still be snow on the mountains displaying excellent views, yet the weather is typically clear, calm, and perfect for trekking. You will enjoy the blooming Rhododendrons and much more, natural beauty and greenery abounds. Nepali New year falls in this time and there will be wonderful and big chariot festivals.

Summer (Jun/Jul/Aug)

This is the hottest time of the year. It’s Monsoon season and rains continuously. The valley will be green and wet. It is considered as a low season. But, we have special trekking for rainy season like: Upper Mustang which is known as a rain shadow area. The rain shadow areas are shielded from monsoon season and there are some treks you can take during this time.