BMS Adventures is a premier tour company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was founded by the experienced tour guide and master Yogi, Sudan Bethewal. With Nepal known as a destination for Trekking, Yoga, and Meditation, BMS Adventures prides itself as the sole tour provider who successfully combines these three activities together. Instead of practicing indoors, BMS Adventures delivers a unique experience by incorporating Yoga and Meditation into its Himalayan trekking tours. The goal is to provide an opportunity to reconnect and find balance between the Body, Mind, and Soul (BMS).  There are several options for trekking and day tours that can be customized to meet various needs.

Sudan Bethewal is the founder of BMS Adventures. For over a decade, Sudan has been a well-known face in Nepalese tourism holding several positions as an Owner, Manager, Trek/Tour Guide and Yoga Instructor. He has been leading and coordinating tours all across Nepal for several years. In addition to tourism, he is also a prominent figure in Yoga and Meditation as a medalist in several National and International Yoga Championships. He founded Extra One Help Network and can be found giving back to his community in his spare time. Striving to lead a balanced life and support his community, Sudan founded BMS Adventures to share his knowledge, culture, and traditions while promoting Trekking, Yoga, and Meditation in Nepal.

Sudan has several years of experience and has completed Yoga and Naturopathy studies from Mahendra Sanskrit University, Nepal. He holds a Post-Graduate degree in Humanities and Social Science from Tribhuwan University, Nepal. He is also a certified instructor having completed Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 200-500 hours from American Yoga Alliances.





For over a decade, we have built our positive reputation based on knowledge, quality, reliability, competence, and meeting your needs. We take pride and value the service we provide to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients.

Unique Philosophy

Our name, our philosophy. Body, Mind, and Soul. We are the only full-service tour company in Nepal with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to combine these into a single journey. We want you to unplug, find balance, reconnect and discover.

Guide Services

We have licensed and experienced local tour guides whose goal is to exceed your expectations. Our bi-lingual team is knowledgeable, energetic, and focused on providing you with an authentic and memorable trip.

Customized Itineraries

Our staff delivers personalized service for each of our clients. We offer the ability to tailor and customize your visit to meet your needs. Have something in mind or want to see about additional options? We are here to help!

Ethical Tourism

We pride ourselves on being an eco friendly touring company. Aligned with BMS philosophy, we respect nature and work to protect the environment during all our tours. We focus on positive impacts to local culture, customs, and people.


Every team member is actively engaged in various social work efforts and giving back to local communities. Our founder also launched the Extra One Help Network, a program that focuses on helping locals receive needed medical care.