Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation is all about practice and lifestyle more than theory

What is Yoga?

Literally, Yoga means Union or to join body with the mind. Mind with soul and the Soul with universal energy.  In other words, Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. Yoga is not only what you practice and perform on posture, it’s actually a lifestyle. It’s an integration and harmony between thought, feeling and deed or integration between head, heart and hand. In one line; Yoga is to remain in high consciousness.

What is Meditation?

Literally, Meditation is to stay in the state of no mind or thoughts. Complete vacant or emptiness. Meditation means to try to concentrate on certain things or object without any distraction but the ultimate point of Meditation is nothingness inside the mind. Once we will have an empty mind, a blissful moment can be experienced. It promotes peace and wellbeing and balance within one's life. 

What are the Benefits?

Yoga and Meditation are interrelated. Meditation is also one part of Yoga. It is done through the practice of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Shatkarma and Meditation. Yoga and Meditation have boundless benefits. In brief, it basically reduces excessive thoughts of mind. It takes you to the no-mind stage. Developing in concentration, release physical and mental stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Eventually, Yoga and Meditation connect to the soul which is our main aim to take each and every people in that way. Also, this is the pattern of BMS Adventures.

Why Choose Trekking with Yoga & Meditation?

Trekking with Yoga & Meditation would be the best option to relish you connecting body, mind and soul.  Comparatively Outdoor Yoga would be the best place for Yoga and Meditation than indoor. Nepal is famously known as the birthplace of Yoga and this is an ideal location to connect your body, mind, and soul with nature. Walking in nature, Yoga in Nature and Mediation in Nature would be an experience of a lifetime and a great opportunity to understand one's self. Ultimately, Yoga is the journey of self, through the self and to the self. If you hike, do Yoga and Meditation in this solitude or serene ambience, you will awaken and revitalize yourself through our Body, Mind and Soul adventures.

Because of these above-mentioned reasons, Yoga & Mediation would be good if we select the location for Himalayan nature and it is possible through hiking/trekking. In one sentence, Yoga and Meditation are for love, inner exploration, joy, health, success, overall well being and peace. All is possible through walking in nature Bodily, Mindfully and Soulfully.